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We're glad to welcome you to ECF.
Welcome to ECF.  In the video below, Megan will introduce you to some practical ways you can learn more about ECF and take steps to get connected. Our big aim is to glorify God by helping all kinds of people be brought into right relationship with God and to grow in their love, trust and obedience to God through Jesus Christ.
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A letter from Pastor Jim 

Dear Visitor,

I hope you take advantage of all these ways to get connected. One thing I trust you will find out quickly if you stick around is that we are all about the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is our primary focus as a church because we understand that it is the central message of God's Word, the Bible. It the densest revelation of God's glory. It is how God through Jesus Christ rescued us, wayward sheep, to bring us into His fold, so that we can live as He created us to live, in everlasting fellowship with God and one another in His Kingdom. The gospel is true and explosive with hope.

We are, as a local church, a community of men and women from all walks of life who have come to God through faith in Jesus Christ. God's salvation makes us into a people, His people. We are people whom God has rescued by His gospel that He is now retraining by His Word and His Holy Spirit to worship Him as He created us. We are not perfect, rather we are being perfected by God's perfect love in and through Jesus Christ. We're an eclectic group and that is part of the beauty of the gospel. God's grace doesn't know the boundary lines we draw. 

If you are coming curious and exploring I would be happy to meet with you. Feel free to come to a welcome lunch, subscribe to the email, make Sunday mornings a regular rhythm, listen to the sermons, get into God's Word, the Bible, start in the Gospel of John. Let's talk, and if you're interested we can arrange for you to read the Bible alongside someone who can help you understand God's Word.

If you are a believer and new to the area, I would be happy to meet with you, share about who we are as a church, our history, hear about you and your history. Join us for a welcome lunch and subscribe to the email. Beyond Sunday morning, join a regular weekly fellowship, be it small group, mom's group, or others. These take your discipleship deeper than Sunday Morning. When Christ called us to make disciples, He did not only have faithful Sunday morning attenders in mind. He had in mind men and women who followed Him, in loving fellowship with His people, in all of life.

If you are a believer, and have been attending another church in the area and are considering changing, I'd welcome talking with you too. There are good reasons to change, but we should talk through those reasons together, so that if it is wise for you to leave your current fellowship you do so in conversation with them, and on the best terms possible.

Looking forward to meeting you, 
Pastor Jim